Lamp Plus 3 in 1 Lamp With Phone Charger, Clock And Thermostat

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LampPlus a 3 in 1 Lamp- Phone Charger and Clock with Thermostat.

    • The Qi charging  is compatible with iPhone 11 and 12 iPhone X, 8 Plus, 8, Samsung Galaxy S8, Note, 8, and other Qi wireless-enabled smartphones

    • The charger is designed and tested with over-current protection and foreign object detection to ensure safe, efficient charging for all your devices

    • Place your wireless charging capable device face up on the charging pad - it’s that easy

    • Built-in Clock and Thermometer to show you the room temperature

    • Customize the ambiance of a room with mood using the touch LED lamp

    • With full-range RGB and 400 lumens of brightness, this full-spectrum lamp will create colors as bright and dim or as cool and warm as you’d like

    • There are 3 temperature modes to choose from, it can easily be changed by sliding your finger along the base of the lamp

    • The energy-efficient lamp provides up to 350 lumens of brightness and gives you up 40,000 hours of lamp life



    • 400 lumens

    • Dimmable

    • 40,000-hour lifespan

    • 180-degree flex neck

    • 3 light settings (cool/neutral/warm)

    • Multi-color option LED base

    • Product dimensions: 17" tall x 9" wide

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