Long Arms Mobile Phone Holder

Color: White



Long arm design, ultra firm, multi-purpose.

Easy Mount to your car bed desktop sofa and so on.

Can hold your phones, strong compatibility.

Flexible, it can hold your phone at different angle.

A perfect choice while watching movie on your phone, no need to hold.



Small size, easy to carry and use.

Light weight and portable, beautiful appearance.

Wide compatibility, suitable for most type of phones.



Material: aluminum alloy and plastic

Color: black, white, pink, purple, blue

Length: 70cm

Clip size: 20cm

Suitable: for more than 4 inch screen phone


Package Included:

1 x Long Arm Mobile Phone Stand Holder


Product Images:


ZA659201-CF-4-1 ZA659201-CF-5-1 ZA659202-C-3-1 ZA659204-C-4-1 ZA659205-F-6-1 

 ZA659202-C-4-1 ZA659203-C-3-1 ZA659204-C-3-1 ZA659205-C-3-1 ZA659201-S-2-1 ZA659202-ALL-1-1 ZA659203-ALL-1-1 ZA659204-ALL-1-1 ZA659205-ALL-1-1

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