This refund policy is for Emete users who have problems with the order, product and package. Emete will process the refund in 48-72 hours.

Emete makes an effort to provide the best service for all users. To better solve the return and refund issue, please view the following content.

What you need to provide:

A. Photos/videos of the damaged item. Please send us the materials to prove the damage.

B. Screenshots of the dispute, which include name, date and content. For example, a customer complaint/dispute raises through PayPal Dispute, e-mail, chat window, etc.

C. (Optional) Tracking number of the item. If Emete  asks for a return of the item, you need to send the tracking number to prove that you returned it.

How to request a refund:

A. Contact Emete  customer service at or

B. Send photos/videos of the damaged product and screenshots of the dispute.

Please note that:

The money will be refunded to the original payment channel (PayPal or credit card). Or it will be refunded to your account balance.

We recommend refunding the money to the balance for faster processing. You can use the balance to pay for new orders or withdraw at any time you want.

Cases that EMETE makes refunds:

1. Damaged Products

If the arrived product is damaged, EMETE offers a full refund or replacement.

2. Incorrect or Missing Products

EMETE has a strict quality control standard. We will check every product before delivery. If any of the following circumstances exist, we offer a full refund or replacement:

  • Incorrect product
  • Product with the wrong color, size, etc
  • Product with a missing component

Please note that:

You don’t need to return the incorrect product. We will refund or resend the right one to you.

If you have any questions about size, please provide photos of the measurement. Make sure that you measure the item in the correct method. You can send the result to our customer service and we will deal with it asap.

3. Products Out of Stock
EMETE offers a full refund if the product is out of stock. We will notify you and make the refund or replacement.

4. Products Unable to Ship
EMETE  offers a full refund if the product can not be shipped. Due to the limited transportation, some products do not have proper shipping options. We will notify you in time and make the refund.

5. Delayed Orders

EMETE offers a full refund if the order is delayed. It will be counted from the date that the package leaves EMETE warehouse.

  • In normal circumstances, more than 45 days.
  • In the busy season, more than 50 days, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, etc.
  • In unforeseen circumstances, such as epidemics etc, the date will be different. Please pay attention to our notification email and message.


Please note that:

a. For orders shipped to the USA, European countries, New Zealand, Canada, Australia EMETE will refund if the total shipping time is more than 45 days.

b. For orders shipped to South America, Middle East, India, Africa, EMETE will refund if the total shipping time is more than 60 days.

c. Order delay caused by delivery pending, such as an insufficient address, package unclaimed, inability to contact the customer, etc, EMETE will not refund you.

6. Cancel Orders
EMETE offers a full refund if the order cancels before the product is shipped. But we will not offer a refund if the following circumstances exist:


  • POD order. We will not refund you if the product is customized.
7. Missing Packages
EMETE offers a full refund if the package is missing during the delivery.

8. Other Conditions

Cases that EMETE does not make refunds:

1. Order Delivered
EMETE¬† will not offer a refund or resend if the tracking info shows ‚Äėorder delivered.‚Äô

2. Package Unclaimed
If the package is unclaimed, it will be destroyed by the local carrier within 48 hours.

3. Tracking Information Alert

EMETE will not offer a refund or resend if the tracking info alerts. The following reasons may cause the alert:

  • Incorrect/insufficient Address
  • Refused Package
  • Customs Clearance
  • Non-Existing Number
  • Unknown Recipient


1. Expiration Date of Raising Dispute

You can raise a dispute within 30 days from the date you place the order.

Please note that:

A dispute will be closed automatically if you have not answered for 3 consecutive days.

2. Dispute Denied

The following disputes will be denied.

  • Closed Order.

EMETE will deny your dispute if the order status is closed.

  • No Tracking Info

EMETE will deny your dispute if the tracking info expired. Generally, the post office will keep tracking information of the order for 180 days.

  • Shipping Option

EMETE will deny the dispute if you choose the following shipping options:

Post NL; Electric Post NL to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, the overseas territories and overseas island areas;

  • Destination

EMETE will deny the dispute if your order is shipped to the following countries:

Haiti; Kyrgyzstan; Madagascar; Mauritius; Bangladesh; Nepal; Nicaragua; Swaziland; Jamaica; Zambia; Ecuador; Peru; Bolivia; Chile; Argentina; Uruguay; Egypt; Sudan; Libya; Algeria; Angola; Bahamas; Benin; Belize City; Burundi; Dominican Republic; Gambia; Grenada; Cuba; Palestine; Paraguay; Guatemala; Reunion; The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico; Hawaii; Alaska; Guadeloupe; Martinique; and French Guiana.

  • Force Majeure

EMETE will deny the dispute of any product damaged or shipping delay caused by the act of God, epidemic situation, international situation, strike, war, earthquake, flood, virus, storm, heavy snow, customs inspection.

  • Others

EMETE will deny the disputes caused by the following reasons:

a. Your shopper does not like the product.

b. Items that don't match the listing description, such as inaccurate measurement.

c. Product smells unusual.

3. Returns

EMETE does not suggest you return products. Because the shipping cost is high and sometimes higher than the product value. Also, it takes months to deliver the package, which will affect the processing time.

If you urge to return the product, please pay attention to the following aspects:

  • You need to return the product within 10 days after receiving it.
  • The product is in good condition and does not affect the secondary sales.
  • You need to pay the shipping cost.
  • You can only return the product to EMETE after confirmation¬† location from EMETE for the customers to return the item

If you’ve returned the product, please send the tracking number to our customer service.

EMETE  always makes an effort to provide the best service. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at: