8 Pack Blumax Alternative Toner Cartridges for Fuji Xerox CT201303 / CT201304 / CT201305 / CT201306 (C2120)

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This Blumax CT201303 (C2120), CT201304 (C2120), CT201305 (C2120), CT201306 (C2120) cartridge is compatible with machines that use CT201303 (C2120), CT201304 (C2120), CT201305 (C2120), CT201306 (C2120).

It will deliver an estimated page yield of Fuji Xerox CT201303 (C2120) black toner cartridges 3000 pages

Fuji Xerox CT201304 (C2120) cyan toner cartridges 3000 pages

Fuji Xerox CT201305 (C2120) magenta toner cartridges 3000 pages

Fuji Xerox CT201306 (C2120) yellow toner cartridges 3000 pages.

This cartridge is compatible with the following fuji xerox machines:

Fuji Xerox DOCUPRINT C2120

This pack contains:

2 x Black CT201303 (C2120)

2 x Cyan CT201304 (C2120)

2 x Magenta CT201305 (C2120)

2 x Yellow CT201306 (C2120)

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