Bark Hunter Wallet



Color: Dark Brown

Nothing roars 'style' better than our Bark Hunter Wallet, crafted with perfection using pristine quality leather. It's RFID - proof and sustainable, which adds to the list of desirable qualities for a fashion-savvy urban man.

  • Made of pristine quality Cow Hunter Dark Brown leather, this virile and stylish hunter wallet adds to the list of desirable qualities for any fashion-savvy urban man looking for men's leather wallets in Australia and Papua New Guinea. The 100% natural leather used in the wallet is ethically sourced and adds immense durability to the wallet enhancing its longevity significantly. Not all hides make through our rigorous leather selection process; the one that is used for this wallet is expected to age gracefully with time. As years will pass by instead of getting worn out, the leather will develop a distinct patina which will provide aesthetic appeal as well as utmost protection.
  • Dimensions: 50 X 7.00 X 1.00 CMS.
  • With its unique design and compact style, the wallet hardly displays any added bulk. Put it in your pocket or keep it in your travel bag, the wallet can be accommodated anywhere because of its sleek design. It displays a perfect combination of space and size with compartmentalised currency and card sections enabling you to keep your cash and cards in an orderly manner.

The wallet comes with RFID protection, which is an important aspect you should look out for while buying a wallet in today’s world. With rapid digitalisation, thefts are also becoming digital in nature. Your cards and important details are always under threat of scanning, which might make you lose all your money. This RFID blocked wallet will safeguard your cards and other details from getting scanned therefore providing you complete protection from digital theft.

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