Bedding Set Super King Duvet Cover Sets Marble Single Queen Size Black Comforter Bed Linens

Color: Black


Size Chart:

Quilt cover: 135x200cm   Pillowcase:48x74cm x1

Quilt cover: 150x200cm   Pillowcase:48x74cm x1

Quilt cover: 200x230cm   Pillowcase:48x74cm x2

Quilt cover: 228x228cm   Pillowcase:48x74cm x2

Quilt cover: 229x260cm   Pillowcase:48x74cm x2

Quilt cover: 200x200cm   Pillowcase:48x74cm x2

Quilt cover: 210x210cm   Pillowcase:48x74cm x2

Quilt cover: 220x240cm   Pillowcase:48x74cm x2

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