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Color: Rose Gold


Electric Blackhead Remover

Specifications: Size: 180 * 35mm Style: Ordinary & Hot compress Product weight: 90g 3 Levels of temperature: 38°,42°,45° Friendly tips: The Ordinary type does not support hot compress function Package included: 1 * Blackhead Remover 6/3 * Beautiful Head(You need to select the head) 1 * USB Charging Cable

Blackhead Remover Vacuum 2

Feature: * Rejuvenation by phototherapy. *Intelligent powerful suction blackheads. *Hot compress massage introduction instrument. *6 major advantages: achieve multiple effects, not only remove blackheads, enhance your face value *Bottom heating, constant temperature introduction instrument, promote the introduction of mask nutrient solution, thermal massage. *Export negative pressure, suck blackheads, clean face, and refresh all day. *Red light mode: Sterilize and help increase collagen. *Blu-ray mode: improve acne, pimples, tighten loosening, wrinkles. *Green light mode: activate skin, repair, rejuvenate. Function: Suction black head Working mode: electric rotation Charging method: USB charging Gears: 3 Special advantages: hot compress export + color light therapy + strong blackhead Type: ordinary and heating Friendly tips : The ordinary type does not support hot compress function

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