Portable Accessories Sterlizer Bag





1. Multifunctional-          Can be used to sterlize CPAP machines, accessories, masks, clothes and other life things.

2. 360 UV Light and Ozone Disinfection-          Can kill 99.99% of Staph,E. Coli, Salmonella, and other harmful bacteria.

3. Standard 1.5M USB charger cable, easily to connect with your charge slot.

4. Size: 11.5inch*10.2inch*6.3inch. Bigger size for mostly CPAP machines.

5. Easy to use

Step1: Open the bag, put the items into the sanitizer bag.

Step2: Push the open button, it's beginning with UV Sanitizer continues 30mins working. If you push again with open button, it will open Ozone working together 30mins.

Step3: After 30mins, you can take out the items, it's working finished.


Note: If you don't wanna sanitizer, you can continue push 2-3 seconds open button, it can be stopped working.


Package Included:

1x UV Light Disinfection Bag


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