Stainless Steel Round Circle Drawing Tool School Ruler Set Geometry Professional Drawing Compas Adjustable Size

Ships From: Spain
Color: Green



This is a circular tool for drawing and measuring new designs. Simply rotate the upper ring to open and close to draw a circle. Each of your strokes will give you inspiration. This is a drawing tool that stimulates creativity. It is an expert in drawing and writing tools. In, we believe that this drawing and circle drawing tool should guide the trend of innovation, rather than limit its inherent potential, on the contrary, this is an intuitive and unique pressure reduction tool. Our goal is to inspire satisfaction for every user. Its fascinating design makes everyone who sees it, opens it, and closes it happy. When people are in a low mood, it helps to stimulate their creativity.

1. It is made of high quality materials, stainless stee and plastic material, good corrosion resistance, not easy to rust.

2. It can be used to draw round measurements and so on. It can be large or small.

3. Exquisite workmanship, good density and easy processing.

4. With this meter, you don't have to worry about the circle being drawn.

Using:This is an easy to carry plotter, precision gauge, and can be used in industry.


Size: Diameter:12.5cm

Material: Plastic + stainless stee

Color: Green, Yellow, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue

Quantity: 1

Package Included:

1* Flexible Circle Drawing Tool


Actual color may be slightly different from the image due to different monitor and light effect

Please allow 1-3cm deviation due to manual measurement

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