The Devanti Electric Fireplace



Old world charm with a modern touch. The Devanti Electric Fireplace delivers dazzling warmth with radiant glows. With its contemporary curved tempered glass front design, the fireplace is absolutely stylish and chic. More importantly, the aluminium heating elements actually helps to maintain natural humidity in the air for comfortable heat without drying out the room air. The heater heats up rapidly and uses over 90% less energy than gas for better costs savings. Good all-round heating is also ensured with the fan-assisted heated air circulation. And if flickering flames are a must, our fireplace provides a 13-colour LED backlights and 3D flame effect with glowing embers for a totally authentic presence. Constructed of metal with a black tempered glass casing, the fireplace is strong and durable. Convenient adjustments from the handy remote control include four flame brightness setting, high/low heat settings, nine-hour timer setting and thermostat for the desired warmth and ambience. The fireplace features overheating protection, auto shut-off and no worries about carbon dioxide emissions, odours or fumes from traditional fireplaces.Features*Curved black tempered glass casing*Realistic 3D flame effect*Four flame brightness settings*13-colour LED light effects*30sec rapid heat-up*High/ low heat settings*Adjustable thermostat*Nine-hour timer setting*Fan-assisted warm air circulation*Efficient and cost-effective electric heating*Auto shut-off*Overheat protection*No odours, chemicals, fumes or carbon dioxide emissions*No venting required*Quiet operation*Wall mounting bracket included*Remote control included Specification*Brand: Devanti*Type: Electric fireplace*Material: Metal and tempered glass*Heating element material: Aluminium*Power option: 1000W/ 2000W*Voltage: 220 - 240V/ 50Hz*Heating range: 18-30 square metre*Temperature range: 16-28 degree centigrade*Timer settings: 0.5hr C 9hr*Flame brightness settings: Four*LED backlight effect: 13 colours*Fireplace insert dimensions: 60cm x 16.8cm x 47cm*Glass casing dimensions: 91cm x 58cm*Cable length: 162cm*Colour: Black Package Content1 x Devanti Electric Fireplace Insert1x Glass Casing1x Wall Mounting Bracket1 x Remote Control (Batteries included) 1 x Instruction Manual

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